The educational atmosphere is much different from how it was centuries, decades, and even years ago. Teachers, administrators, and larger educational domains work together to develop progressive instructional methods to stimulate learning in all students at all levels. Considering SMART Boards is a step that many districts and private educational entities have taken for a variety of reasons.

Technological World

Obtaining SMART board training is important for educators who use this tool as they must guide their students into a world that is heavily governed by technology. Chances are that students will find a need to use technology in whatever field they choose; in fact, they will likely encounter technological requirements well before the nascent stages of their careers. For example, students often have to apply to colleges online; some may take tests, both standardized and class-assigned, on computers. The more learners are exposed to technology during their early school days, the more comfortable they may feel when the use of such devices is mandated.

Visual Experience

SMART board technology also allows students to have a visual experience. Adults who are skeptical of such technology should consider the ways in which they best absorb material. For example, when adults want to purchase items for their home or when they sit down to order food at a restaurant, they often find that visuals help to guide them. Seeing what the couch or the plated dinner looks like often helps them decide which one they want. Visuals provide a clearer and larger picture of the world. Choosing SMART Boards means that teachers can bring more visual representations into the classroom. Instead of simply standing in front of the class and lecturing, instructors can show their students real-world examples of what they mean.

Interactive Learning

People are often more likely to learn when they play an active role in the educational experience. Simply sitting in a classroom and listening to a teacher drone on and on about a particular topic can very well start to make students begin to doze off. These boards allow for an interactive learning experience. Teachers might ask students to come up to the board to demonstrate the way that they have tackled a math problem or how they have corrected a grammatical issue in a sentence. Furthermore, they can also create games, such as trivia, that come up on the board so that the entire class can participate in an activity that is both entertaining and educational.

Educational Theory

Some may wonder where the ideas come from that suggest students can learn better with new technology integrated into the classroom. One of the popular theories that governs the current educational domain is Howard Garden’s theory of multiple intelligences. This theory posits that students do not all learn in the same way. For example, some of them learn through activities dubbed as logical or mathematical. Others learn through kinesthetic activities, which means a series of activities that allow students to get up and move around. Without the proper tools, teachers cannot always instruct their students in ways that are best suited for them. Choosing pro AV solutions can help instructors better address the needs of a diverse population of learners.

Student Limitations

Furthermore, some students face limitations in the classroom due to disabilities or other issues. For example, these students may not have the ability to vocally express their questions in class; others may not have the physical ability to work with a pen and paper. Choosing SMART Technologies also allows educators to better assist students who are in this population. In the past, some students do not receive the full learning experience because schools did not have the proper technology to assist them. Now, however, educational facilities can bring in an array of resources to ensure a brighter learning experience for each child.

College Preparation

Whether people agree or disagree with the reasons for it, they likely have to come together on the fact that getting into top colleges and receiving scholarships to these schools is growing more difficult. The cost of tuition is rising in many areas, but that does not mean the parents’ salaries are. Therefore, parents hope that their children obtain scholarships to college, and when youngsters can showcase that they have an array of skills in the technological field, they may have an advantage if they are applying to programs that require these skills. Furthermore, the field of education as a whole keeps moving in a technological direction. Students who are trained in ways that value technology may end up better prepared to handle other important components of the learning process.

Stronger Absorption

A main goal of learning is to provide students with information that they will actually retain as they move into the next grades and into higher institutions of learning. When students are just remember rote facts in order to study for an exam, the chance of that learning experience happening tends to decrease. On the other hand, when they are actively taking part in their learning because technology is used in the classroom, their educators and parents can see major leaps in how much information they retain from year to year and school to school. Integrating technology is not useful only for the larger scope of education, but it is also useful for individual students.

A SMART board can make a major difference in the classroom for the community as a whole and for each child. Therefore, schools that do not currently use this technology should consider the major benefits of doing so. Contact us at CCS Presentation Systems today to find out exactly how SMART Boards can help you or your organization.