For businesses, there are many different applications for products like ViewSonic CDM Series Displays. These, and other types of large to medium format displays, have a wide variety of uses, from everyday applications to targeting potential customers and clients at trade shows and conventions. However, if a business is looking to invest in something like Video Walls, or the use of video screens in other business applications, it’s important to know the benefits of this type of investment.

The first thing to understand is that Commercial Digital Signage is the wave of the future. More businesses are using this type of format display in creative ways. These type of displays are often used in conference room and in strategy sessions within various businesses. However, newer applications include using these large-format screens for things such as billboard advertisements and, most notably, restaurant menus.

There are restaurants, as well as movie theaters, that use multiple displays to highlight menu items and prices. These sorts of screens add a new dimension to the standard menu posted up on the wall for customers to read. With viewing screens, rather than handwritten menus, images of the food items can be displayed. Business-related fonts for menu items and prices can be used and overall, it offers a sharper and more detailed experience for customers. If there are any changes to the look of a menu, or what is being offered, it can easily be changed.

In order to have this, Viewsonic Signage Manager will often need to be employed. This intuitive, and easy to navigate, software can help businesses control what is put on their viewing screens. It can either be a still image, or there can be a loop of several different images and videos that appear on the video screens. This type of software can work for businesses using one or hundreds of viewing screens.

If your business is looking for a fresh way to advertise or inform, the use of high-definition display screens in large or medium format applications is an excellent way to market products and to catch the attention of existing and potential customers. Whether it’s Commercial AV, or it’s simply having an interactive display screen in a conference room or a marketing office, these sort of applications bring a great deal of aesthetic appeal, practicality and usefulness, which makes it hard for any other type of display option to compete.

Image by Dana Sibera, used under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license.