CCS Presentation Systems has offered essential services for pro AV (audio visual) needs across industries for the past twenty-five years. Visual communication, combined with excellent sound, is far more effective than just auditory stimulation. People are more engaged during video presentations, such as conferences, classes, meetings, and product launches. Messages are clarified instantly, attendees can participate from remote sites, and the information at training sessions and lectures is better absorbed by those learning.

Benefits of Audio Visual Systems

Capabilities of advanced technology allow businesses, medical facilities, education facilities, broadcasters, and those in the entertainment field, among others, to display or present anything they desire. Digital signage, for example, will draw customers into a retail store, help people find offices via an interactive directory, or make one mall stand out from another. Streaming lectures or presentations to one person, a few, or many at the same time can be done throughout a specific network. People can view the presentation on any electronic device, including a desktop, laptop, iPad, Roku, smart television, iPhones, and tablets.

Classrooms can be transformed into portals of cultural exchanges. Lessons can be available in remote locations around the world, and presentations can be recorded, uploaded, and edited before going live. Video systems in classrooms can be used for daily announcements, video on demand, and television viewing of current events or breaking news. Medical professionals can work together at different locations to solve problems, diagnose conditions or illnesses, or consult with each other from different countries. Hotels, restaurants, casinos, and resorts can provide information and entertainment for customers. The possibilities are endless with the right system.

Locations of CCS Presentation Systems Offices

Selecting the right system to suit the needs, preferences, and budgets of customers is expedited via the many services available at almost thirty offices throughout the United States. The CCS Corporate Office is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. There are regional offices, such as CCS Southwest, CCS Midwest, CCS Mid Atlantic, and CCS New England. Individual offices are also found in California, Texas, Oregon, Idaho, and Kansas, among other locations.

All CCS’ Projects and training services are available at any CCS Presentation Systems Offices. Training can be completed at client locations, at CCS facilities, or via a mobile training unit. The mobile unit is primarily to train educators on getting the most use out of new systems in the classroom. New products, new solutions, and new techniques are available as technology advances. Affordable solutions can be created to suit any budget. Small businesses, local retailers, and independent restaurants can enjoy the same benefits of AV systems that large corporations enjoy.

Complete Services Available

Services include consultations to select the ideal products for the needs, installation and maintenance of all AV equipment, and full integration of system components. Integration can on involve new systems, or existing systems that are having new components added as upgrades. If an existing system will not suit the needs or preferences, a unique system can be designed and engineered to create innovative solutions. Project management, complete documentation of the system and integration processes, and extensive training services are offered as well.

The wide variety of audio and video equipment includes large format LCD displays, digital projectors, interactive whiteboards, room control systems, audio systems, and high definition video conferencing systems. Solutions and options include live streaming, video on demand, publishing on social media sites with embedded codes, television distribution, emergency alerts, desktop live encoders for security, and systems that allow unlimited channels and users.