Those people who don’t like to go out to theaters to see great movies, but would rather watch in comfort and privacy at home, have great screen options. The Da-Lite Tensioned Advantage Deluxe Electrol projection screen is now available at outlets such as The Projector SuperStore, along with many other home entertainment products. There are movie lovers who will spend any amount necessary to build and enjoy the perfect home entertainment room or area at home. Once the investment is made, they can enjoy the best and their favorite movies and shows for years to come. No worries about rowdy movie theater audiences or tall people sitting in front of them. Home Theater Projector Screens come in many sizes and qualities.

Projection Screens

Home projection screens can make or break the entertainment experience. A screen that shows grainy indistinct images is not worth any investment. A screen that is too small might as well be a television. The projection screen is the heart of any well-done home entertainment room or area. Getting a good quality projection screen that comes in a size such as 120″ by 160″ will give the viewer a theater-like movie experience without the other people around. The Da-Lite Tensioned Advantage Deluxe Electrol projection screen is manufactured by Da-Lite Screens, a company owned by Milestone AV Technologies. It is a very high-quality product that can be ordered from the Projector SuperStore. Finding a high-quality projection screen that can be ordered with free shipping is definitely an advantage.

What can a customer expect from this type of product purchase? This large projection screen comes with the screen, white powder coated doors and case, wall or ceiling mounting instructions and products such as brackets, 3 button wall switch, and more. These screens are electric and should be hard wired. The weight of the screen package is 203 pounds. Installing it will take two people because of this weight. This is a screen that does not need to be finished with extra trim to look attractive.

Why a tensioned screen? People choose tensioned projection screens because they provide the smoothest surface for viewing. Also, these screens can be recessed into the ceiling with closure doors that hide them when not in use.


Ceiling installation can be done in two steps. The attractive screen case can be installed during the construction process during the roughing in. Then, the fabric assembly part can be completed as the areas finishing projects are being done. The necessary hard wiring can be done along with the other electrical work. The trim for the screen installation is included in the package. It hides the rough opening after the screen installation is complete. Sliding installation brackets help in the installation process. It is important to follow the complete instruction guide.

Features To Expect

This projection screen features a low voltage control for easy screen operation. It has smooth roll technology for a flat screen and slim-tab lower profile design to keep the screen taut. The surfaces are seamless and a black backing keeps the projected brightness of the front surfaces. A tensioning cable system is designed to prevent screen warping and make an even lateral tension. Many other features of high-quality projection screens ensure great viewing experiences. The screen is an important part of the home theater along with the rest of the projection and sound equipment. For more information, go to the Projector SuperStore website.