Anyone designing their own home theater must choose the correct type of projection screen. Fixed Frame Screens may be the correct choice for many homeowners. There are many screens on the market to choose from. There are screens that roll up into the ceiling when not in use and there are fixed screens that remain in place all the time for easy use and operation. Choosing the correct screen depends on how the space is used. A dedicated home theater room may be best served by using a fixed screen made by a top manufacturer. A multi-use area may require a screen that is hidden when not in use.

Fixed Frame Projection Screens

Fixed frame projection screens are sturdy and have an aluminum frame around the edges for added stability and beauty. They come in standard sizes and can be customized to fit any room. They can have customization of format, size, or material options. These Home Theater Projector Screens come in many standard sizes starting at viewing areas of 80 inches by 45 inches and going up to 192 inches by 108 inches with many sized screens in between to choose from. The extruded aluminum frames come in different widths also. Severtson Screens come in a thin frame called the 4K Thin Bezel Series that is only 3/8ths inch wide and the Deluxe Series screens have frames that are 4 inches wide and become a room decor factor.

Fixed frame projection screens in every frame choice offer stability and high performance in home theater rooms. They are all perfectly tensioned, flat, smooth, and offer the best optical coatings. All these screens come with easy assembly and complete installation directions.

Where To Find Fixed Frame Projection Screens

Some of the best fixed frame projection screens are manufactured by Severtson Screens. They can be found through the Projector SuperStore. PSS Screens are the Projector SuperStore’s branded screens. There are many screen choices for the homeowner to choose from.

One Screen Choice

One screen choice to consider is the PSS PS169106HG Fix Frame Projection Screen 106in. size. The dimensions are 52 x 92 inches. This $636.48 screen is shipped free and is easy to assemble and install with enclosed instructions. It has a standard two-year warranty and is an easy to handle 25 pounds. This entry level screen is economical and compares favorably to the more expensive screens that are available from the same company.

The aluminum frame is 3 1/8th inches wide and wrapped in a black velvet finish for light absorbency. This is a high-quality American made product that is shipped in a double box with each piece wrapped individually and labeled. When assembled, these projection screens are flat and perfectly tensioned to provide a high-quality viewing surface without picture distortion. The customer can choose acoustic screen material, gray, or white finishes in a vinyl projection surface that is really opaque and one of the thickest on the market. A thick screen material is preferred because less light will pass through the screen surface resulting in a brighter, clearer picture. For more information, visit Projector SuperStore.